Cornell DanceSport Brings Home Win in Binghamton

The Cornell DanceSport team competed at the Binghamton Ballroom Revolution over the weekend. The team Himbeer brought home the win in the team match event, which aims to determine which university is best over-all by comparing different couples across many dances. The team match team which consisted of François Hebért and Susanna Kohler; Ryan Bisbey and Joanna Mleczko; Kuan-lin Chen and Cece Rodriguez; and AIMP Tim and Peggy Sayers.
In the individual events the team did quite well especially in the Open division in 2013 which ?Necesitas Cornell couples won all events. Video footage of the team match and individual events is embedded below as well as placement cheap nfl jerseys results for individual couples.



In Open François and Susanna won in Standard taking first place fr?n in every dance. Likewise, Ryan and Joanna won Open Latin placing first in every dance as well as taking Open Paso.


Asher Novick and Sarah Luna placed 2nd in Gold Latin. Zachary Machado and Davana Bolton placed 3rd in the Gold standard events. The couple also competed in silver placing in 4 events. Their best result being 4th in American Waltz.


In Silver, Asher competed with TBA partner Sarah Song placed in 3 events nabbing 7th place cheap mlb jerseys in all Standard dances. Shuo Cheng and Ariana Munger also danced silver placing in 3 events, taking 3rd in Samba Jive. Shuo also placed in 5 2014 events at the bronze level with Newsletter a TBA partner. Daniel Carpenter and Rosako Wagner placed in 3 Silver wholesale nba jerseys events and 9 Bronze events taking 2nd in Silver American Cha Cha Rumba and 1st in Bronze Samba, Jive, Swing and Mambo.


In Bronze cheap nfl jerseys was wholesale mlb jerseys Luke Sheeley and Meghan Pierson who placed in 6 events. Their best place being 2nd in American Foxtrot. Kuan-lin and Cece also competed in bronze placing in 2 bronze. The couple also placed in 10 of the Newcomer events. Their best place being 4th in Newcomer International Jive and American Cha Cha.