Competition Season Wraps Up With MIT

Cornell DanceSport’s competition season wrapped up last weekend at the MIT Open in Cambridge, MA. The MIT Open is one of the largest ballroom competitions in the world and features collegiate dancers from all over the United States. It was a great way to end the season and everyone danced their hardest. Individual results can be found below.

Individual Results

In Open Ryan Bisbey dancing with alumnus Isabella Oledzka placed 7th overall in Pre-championship Latin. Their best result was placing 5th in the Paso Doble. François Hébert and Susanna Kohler finished 13th in International Pre-championship Watlz and Tango as well as 17th in Foxtrot Quickstep.

Future captain Sung Won Yun dancing with current captain Chelsea Cheng placed 5th in Advanced Samba and Jive.

In the Intermediate level, Daniel Carpenter and Rosako Wagner finished 10th in American Rhythm by finishing 8th in Bolero and 10th in Mambo. Stephanie Shapiro danced with TBA partner Galen Cheng and finished 13th overall in Rhythm. Their best result was finishing 10th in Bolero. The couple also competed in the Smooth style and placed 7th in Waltz and Tango. Shuo Chen and Ariana Munger finished 16th in American Rhythm. Their best result was finishing 14th in Cha Cha, Rumba and Swing. The couple also placed 14th in Samba and Jive. Shuo also danced in Smooth and Standard with Shen Ning. The couple finished 9th in Waltz and Tango and 14th in International Viennese Waltz. Luke Sheeley and Meghan Pierson’s best results was finishing 18th in American Cha Cha, Rumba, and Swing.

In Beginner, Jake Hernandez and Erin Mattoon finished 10th in Samba. Nikkolai Bellinghausen and Sarah Song best result was finishing 28th in American Tango.